Learning english_Please and thank you

Hi everybody …This is Mr. Adioke in Bogor.  How are you today ? Are you oke? I hope So…are you happy ? I hope so. We will look at two action which many of us do although maybe not as often as we should. Today we will talk about saying Please and Thank you.

Saying Please

We always say “please” when we ask for something. Please can I watch some TV ? May I please leave the room ? Could I please have some ice cream?

Would you like some ice cream ? Oh yes please

do you want something to eat ? Yes i would please.

Can I offer to you a cup of tea? Oh please that would be great.

The word please can be use to show satisfaction  and pleasure :

I pleased  with my new house. This job pleased me, I am very please to meet you.

From those few example you can see that please and pleasure are closely related in origin but are sometimes used in completely different ways. If something make you pleased you can say that you feel uplifted, perked, chuffed, gladdened, overjoyed, over the moon.

Saying Thank You

The action of saying thank you is seen the most polite of showing how great full you are for receiving something or as a way of acknowledging an act of kindness. We say thank you to show our  appreciation, by saying thank you show your gratitude, you express your appreciation, you return the generosity, verbally, you offer sincerest thanks : you are grateful.

There are many ways to say thank you :

Thank you, thank you very much, thanks a lot, thank you so much, thanks a bundle, you are to kind, thanks ever such a lot, cheers, ta very much.

Sometimes we may express surprise and joy as well as showing our thanks :

wow how kind, thank you, that’s good of you, I don’t know what to say, thanks a lot, I am over whelmed, Thank you so much, what can I say, you are the best, thank you very much, this present is so nice, oh you shouldn’t have,

Saying thank you is the best way to show our gratitude to another person, It is polite thing to do. And don’t forget kindness creates more kindness.

well that is all from me for today may I offer you my sincerest thanks for reading my article,. this is Mr Adioke in Bogor say good bye

You know the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be. We’re so glad and you could join us for another lesson.


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